Thomas Aquinas “A woman is not qualified to receive ordination….” meaning

This quote from Thomas Aquinas reflects the traditional position held by the Catholic Church concerning the ordination of women. Aquinas, a Catholic theologian and philosopher of the Middle Ages, was explaining the Church’s position that only men can be ordained as priests. In saying “A woman is not qualified to receive ordination, for she is not suitable for certain duties of the priesthood,” Aquinas is suggesting that there are certain roles and duties of the priesthood that he believes are not suited to women. This line of thought is based on theological, cultural, and social ideas of the time that were deeply embedded in the church tradition. This particular viewpoint remains a point of controversy and debate within the Church and broader society. While many other Christian denominations have moved towards the ordination of women, the Catholic Church maintains its stance, often citing the tradition that Jesus’ apostles were all men. It’s important to note that this does not reflect a judgment on the overall capabilities or value of women, but rather a specific theological interpretation. From a modern perspective, this position has been challenged as reflecting outdated gender roles and biases. Many argue for a more inclusive interpretation of religious texts and traditions that allows for the full participation of women in all religious roles and duties. However, the interpretation and application of religious texts and traditions often vary widely between different groups and individuals.

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