Midjourney Tutorials

You can checkout our ultimate prompter guide here:


Beginners Video Tutorials:

If you are just getting started with Midjourney or want to get started with Midjourney this is the place to start. Our beginners tutorial section contains everything you need to know to get started producing amazing images with the help of artificial intelligence.

  1. Our Getting started guide shows you how to get started with Midjourney and the basic commands that you can use to get the images you want.

2. Finding the Seed of a Midjourney job.

3. Using Dall-e 2 With Midjourney to do outpainting

Have you ever made a fantastic picture using Midjourney and just wished it was zoomed out a bit? Has Midjourney cropped the head or legs and you need additional pixels at the top, bottom and sides. Well, you can achieve your goals using Dall-e 2.

4. Reverse Engineering Midjourney Prompts

Ever seen someone elses Midjourney work and wondered how they achieved that effect? Or had a photo in mind and havent been able to recreate it in Midjourney. Watch this short tutorial:

Intermediate Video Tutorials:

If you have been using Midjourney for a while now and want to push the boundaries of what it can do then our intermediate tutorials are a great place to start.

  1. ChatGPT is a text-generating service where you provide it with text prompts and it returns some amazing responses. With a little bit of tweaking it can be made to produce prompts that Midjourney can understand.

2. 3D Midjourney Photos on Facebook

3. Animation and Voice Synthesis

4. Performing AI Faceswaps in Discord using the InSight Facebot

Advanced and Experimental Video Tutorials:

If you are an experienced user and want to see what the people pushing the boundaries of this technology can do then you are in the right place with our advanced and experimental tutorials section.

Coming soon.

If there are any guides or tutorials that you feel are missing and would like to see here why not message me on Twitter and let me know. I’m always happy to help out my fellow netizens and love to receive feedback about this site.

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