How to make money from AI Art.

Get a website

This website generates over 1000 page views per day. 1000 page views translate roughly into around $5 from the Google Adsense program alone.

Amazon affiliates also offers a range of tools to get a commission from sales generated on amazon sites globally.

Offer Commissions

Many people who do not have access to or are unfamiliar with AI art tools are willing to commission a prompt artist to do this work on their behalf. These services on Fiverr start at around $20 and go up to over $100. Here is my Fiverr AI gig.

Selling AI-generated artwork as limited edition prints

Websites such as Etsy allow you to sell your digital artwork quite easily. Using POD or print-on-demand services you can advertise products that you do not hold in stock. They are printed when they are sold and as a result you can start selling with zero investment and zero risk.

Creating and selling AI-generated merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc

Companies such as Printify, TeeSpring and Printify offer POD services which you can offer to your customers.

Providing AI art as a service for events, installations, and exhibitions.

There are very few people who arent absolutely mesmerised by the amazing works of art that AI can generate in a few short seconds. Why not offer your digital AI art as a service at events, installations and exhibitions. People are willing to pay to see themselves as a knight in shining armour or a rock star.

Creating and selling unique AI-generated fonts and typefaces.

Tutorial coming soon.

Using AI art as part of a marketing or advertising campaign.

Selling the commercial rights to allow your AI generated images to be used in marketing or advertising campaigns is a great way to generate additional income. Why not speak with with marketing and advertising agencies – or even local web designers about the possibility of them using your artwork commercially.

Collaborating with other artists, brands, and businesses to create AI-powered art projects.

Whilst collaborations are not always instantly profitable they are a great way to get the word out about what you do and exhibit your talents to other people. Online and in real life collaborations are some of the best forms of advertising.

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