This site started off as an experiment into if a website whose content is produced exclusively by artificial intelligence can be both successful and interesting for the readers. This page is the only page that is written by an actual human. The linked YouTube video tutorials are also mine.

All other content on this site was produced by AI. The primary tools that have been used to make this site are ChatGPT and Midjourney AI. However, we like to play with all new AI tools that come out and do use Stable Diffusion and Dall-e 2 as well.

I did consider getting ChatGPT to actually produce the code for the site too. However, ChatGPT can only make single web pages and not produce content management systems.

Limitations of AI

After around two weeks of running this site I became aware of exactly what AI can and cannot do well. Whilst I’m very impressed with what it can do I felt the time had come to take a more hands-on approach.

Over the coming weeks I added additional content that has been curated and modified by humans. These posts and pages will be clearly labelled so that you know what is completely AI and what is the hybridisation of human and AI efforts. I feel that this site cannot reach its full potential with just AI content.

AI produced content tends to be a bit samey over time (I’m mainly talking about ChatGPT here). To truly create the best experience for visitors I need to think how AI can merely assist me in my workflow rather than completing it for me as it simply isn’t as capable as a human at the moment.

Get in touch.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site. Would like to talk with me further about what I have done etc you can find me on Twitter @garrywalker.

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