The Secret lives of Xenomorphs

A Glimpse into the Unlikely Adventures of a Xenomorph Living Among Us


In Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi horror film “Alien,” the terrifying Xenomorph creature has haunted the nightmares of countless moviegoers since its debut in 1979. But what if, instead of being a horrifying extraterrestrial predator, the Xenomorph decided to abandon its fearsome ways and live a normal human life on Earth? This playful blog article takes you on a whimsical journey into the secret lives of Xenomorphs, where we explore the challenges and joys of an otherworldly creature adapting to our mundane world. Using the power of Midjourney AI we can imagine what a day in the life of an alien on earth might look like.

The Arrival and Disguise

In a surprising twist of fate, our Xenomorph protagonist finds itself stranded on Earth after a crash landing. Realizing that its previous lifestyle is unsustainable on our planet, the creature resolves to start anew and embrace human life. To blend in with humanity, the Xenomorph must first adopt a convincing disguise, perhaps with the help of advanced extraterrestrial technology, to take on a more human-like appearance.

Finding a Job and Making Friends

Once settled into its new form, the Xenomorph embarks on the seemingly mundane task of finding a job. Given its natural agility and physical prowess, it might excel in physically demanding roles or even become a local superhero, helping people in need. During this time, our alien protagonist learns to navigate the complexities of human relationships, making friends and building connections with people who are completely unaware of its true identity. He joins a local theatre group and performs in a local production of Aliens: The Musical.

Romance and Heartbreak

As the Xenomorph becomes more ingrained in human life, it inevitably experiences the rollercoaster of emotions that come with romantic relationships. With its newfound empathy and understanding of human emotions, the alien encounters both the joys of love and the pain of heartbreak. It learns that even though its origins are vastly different from those of its human companions, it can still share the universal language of emotion.

A Change of Heart and a Life Lesson

Throughout its time on Earth, the Xenomorph undergoes a profound transformation, discovering that it can evolve beyond its innate predatory instincts. It learns valuable lessons about empathy, compassion, and what it means to be human. In the process, the creature also imparts wisdom to those it meets, teaching them to appreciate the diversity of life and to look beyond appearances when forming connections with others. Whilst at the same time the Xenomorph picks up some of our bad habits. We all know that aliens love gambling.


The secret life of a Xenomorph living among us presents a charming and thought-provoking twist on the classic “Alien” narrative. By embracing human life and experiencing the joys and sorrows of our world, this unlikely protagonist shows that even the most fearsome creatures can find redemption and growth. The story of a Xenomorph’s journey through human life serves as a reminder that even those who seem most alien to us can have much in common, sharing the universal experiences that bind us all together.

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