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As a self-identified “too online” individual, I thought I was immune to being hoodwinked by AI-generated art. However, a recent encounter with an AI-created image of the Pope wearing a big coat, looking like a character from Metal Gear Solid 2, made me reconsider my confidence. This image, which went viral on social media, was generated using a program called Midjourney and initially shared on a Reddit page dedicated to AI art. In this article, I will explore my experience with AI-generated images and the evolution of AI-generated art, as well as the importance of skepticism in the face of increasingly convincing AI creations.

The Evolution of AI-Generated Art

It wasn’t long ago that the world marveled at the smudgy, strange art generated by Dall-E. Since then, AI-powered tools have made significant advancements, now capable of creating images that can easily pass as authentic. There are already AI-generated videos of President Biden and Justin Bieber (two cultural icons), and while they may be slightly off, they are becoming increasingly convincing.

On the AI art website that showcases a series of AI-generated images of the Pope, you can find a myriad of images created using artificial intelligence. These images range from realistic to bizarre, showcasing the true power of AI in the field of art and image generation.

The Importance of Skepticism

The Coat Pope incident marks a turning point for the internet generation. Previously, we would smirk and laugh at older individuals who were easily manipulated by shoddy Photoshop edits or online misinformation. However, the Coat Pope image has made it clear that even the most experienced internet users are not immune to being deceived by AI-generated content.

As AI continues to advance and create more convincing images and videos, it’s crucial that we adopt a healthy dose of skepticism. By default, we need to question the authenticity of content we encounter online, or we risk being swayed by misinformation and AI-generated hoaxes.

The Future of AI-Generated Art

While AI-generated images, like the Coat Pope, may be amusing, they also highlight the potential dangers of convincing AI-generated content. As these tools continue to evolve, it’s crucial that we remain vigilant and skeptical of the information and images we consume.

The world of AI-generated art is a fascinating and rapidly evolving field, with the potential to inspire artists and entertain the masses. However, as we continue to explore the capabilities of AI-generated art, we must also ensure that we maintain a healthy level of skepticism in our online interactions.


The AI-generated image of the Pope in a big coat is a testament to the power of AI-generated art and a wake-up call for internet users who thought they were immune to being duped. As the field of AI-generated art continues to advance, we need to remain vigilant and skeptical in the face of increasingly convincing creations. By doing so, we can ensure that we don’t fall victim to misinformation and maintain a healthy relationship with the ever-evolving world of AI-generated art.

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