McDonald’s Staff Feeding Customers

Breaking News: McDonald’s, the fast food giant famous for its burgers and fries, has implemented a new policy that has caused controversy among its employees. According to the policy, all employees, including cashiers and cooks, are now required to not only serve customers their food but also to feed them. McDonald’s has noticed increased sales amongst those too lazy to raise their arms to feed themselves.

Numerous employees are unhappy about this new rule, claiming that it violates their personal space and dignity. One anonymous cashier stated, “I didn’t sign up to spoon-feed grown adults. I signed up to cook food and serve customers. This is undignified.”

Despite the opposition, McDonald’s is standing by its decision. A company spokesperson stated, “We believe that this new policy will enhance the customers dining experience by creating a more personal connection between our employees and our customers. Many employees had concerns they would replaced by automation but this new service ensures our employees keep their jobs in this everchanging world”

The response from customers has been mixed. While some appreciate the added attention, others find it intrusive and uncomfortable. There have also been some concerns about health and safety, as employees are now in close proximity to customers and handling food and utensils.

Despite these concerns, McDonald’s plans to implement the new policy globally. However, many employees are preparing to protest or strike in an effort to have the policy revoked.

Only time will tell how this new policy will play out, but it’s clear that McDonald’s employees will now be doing more than just flipping burgers – they’ll also be feeding their customers.

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