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The 1980s were a decade of excess and indulgence in many aspects of culture, and the fashion choices of musicians during this era were no exception. From neon-colored spandex to oversized blazers, musicians in the 80s embraced bold and unconventional styles that often left onlookers cringing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at just how badly musicians in the 80s dressed, and what we can learn from their fashion faux pas.

One of the most notable fashion trends of the 80s was the use of bright, eye-catching colors. Musicians often sported neon-colored clothing and accessories, which were intended to grab attention and make a bold statement. However, these bright hues often clashed with each other, resulting in outfits that were not only loud but also visually chaotic. For example, who could forget Prince’s purple sequin suit with matching knee-high boots and a ruffled shirt? Or Madonna’s neon pink tulle dress with fishnet stockings and lace gloves?

Another popular trend during the 80s was the use of spandex and other tight-fitting materials. Musicians like David Lee Roth and Poison were known for wearing skin-tight spandex pants and shirts, often paired with bandanas and studded belts. These outfits may have been designed to show off their physiques, but they also left little to the imagination and were often unflattering.

The 80s also saw the rise of the power suit, a style that was popularized by business professionals but also embraced by musicians. The power suit typically consisted of oversized blazers with padded shoulders, paired with dress pants and heels. While this look was intended to convey authority and confidence, it often ended up making musicians look boxy and shapeless. For example, Phil Collins’ infamous oversized suit from the “Land of Confusion” music video has become a symbol of 80s excess and poor fashion choices.

Other notable fashion trends of the 80s included leather jackets, ripped jeans, and excessive jewelry. While these styles may have been popular among certain subcultures, they often looked out of place on stage and in music videos. For example, Axl Rose’s leather jacket and bandana combo may have been popular with rock fans, but it did little to enhance his already questionable fashion sense.

So why did musicians in the 80s dress so badly? Some argue that the rise of music videos played a significant role in shaping fashion trends during this era. With the advent of MTV, musicians suddenly had a new platform to showcase their style and image. This led to a focus on visual aesthetics, which often prioritized shock value over good taste. Additionally, the 80s were a time of experimentation and rebellion, with many musicians pushing boundaries and challenging traditional norms. This mentality extended to fashion, resulting in outfits that were unconventional, daring, and often just plain weird.

Despite the many fashion missteps of the 80s, there are still some valuable lessons we can learn from this era. Firstly, it’s important to remember that fashion is always evolving, and what may have been popular or trendy at one point in time may not age well. Secondly, it’s okay to take risks and push boundaries with your fashion choices, but it’s important to do so in a way that is authentic and genuine to your own style. Finally, it’s worth noting that fashion should always prioritize comfort and functionality over style. While musicians in the 80s may have looked flashy and daring, it’s unlikely that they were all that comfortable in their spandex pants and oversized blazers.

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