Amazing Midjourney Prompts

In todays article we are going to look at some of my favourite image series I have created here on this website and provide the prompts that made them possible.

1. Art in the style of Andre Kohn. (Phantom of the Opera Art)

Prompt: (Please note this was produced using MJ v4)

/imagine prompt: scenes from phantom of the opera in the style of andre kohn –ar 3:2 –q 2 –s 50

2. A DMT based hallucination

Prompt: (Please note this was produced using MJ 4)

/imagine prompt: a dmt based hallucination of XXXXXXXXX –q 2

3. Midjourney Art using mathematical Equations


 /imagine prompt: A highly detailed artwork, using a parametric equation to create captivating art, x(t) = A * cos(a * t) * cos(t) + A * sin(b * t) * cos(t) and y(t) = A * cos(a * t) * sin(t) + A * sin(b * t) * sin(t), where ‘A’, ‘a’, and ‘b’ are constants, and ‘t’ ranges from 0 to 2π. –ar 3:2 –q 2 –v 5

By experimenting with different values for ‘A’, ‘a’, and ‘b’, you can generate a variety of intriguing and visually appealing designs, combine this with other artistic elements and styles to create a captivating abstract design.

4. Art in the style of Joaquin Sorolla

Prompt: (Please note this was done in MJ v4)

/imagine prompt: art in the style of joaquin sorolla –ar 3:2 –q 2 –s 50

5. AI Papercraft

Prompt: (Please note this was done in v4)

/imagine prompt: papercraft –ar 3:2 –q 2 –s 50

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